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Private Pilates Sessions

Equipment Session

One on One
or Duet

Cater your workout to your specific needs whether your goals are postural improvement or overall strength building by using the added resistance and assistance the equipment offers. Optimize your workout by using the reformer, cadillac/tower, high barrel, and wunda chair, along with various props including weights, rollers, balls and bands.  Master core principals that will inform and improve your performance in and outside of the Pilates studio as you increase flexibility, stability and mobility, while building strength and proprioceptive awareness.   

In-Home Mat Session

One on One
or Duets

In the comfort and privacy of your own home or home gym, learn and master Beginning to Advance Mat exercises and understand core principals that will enhance and accentuate your movement experiences on and off the Mat. Work at your own speed, whether that’s slow and deliberate or more movement oriented. Mats and props to increase proprioceptive awareness and difficulty can be available upon request.

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